Richard K. Archi
Senior Associate, Latin American Affairs and Corporate Citizenship

Dick retired from the U.S. Foreign Service at the rank of Minster Counselor, having spent 23 years with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), where he managed economic development programs with an annual budget of $300M-$500M and supervised up to 300 professionals. He subsequently joined the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) as a Division Chief, where he served for 12 years, and prepared 40 Country Strategies for IDB operations throughout Latin America. Fluent in Spanish, Dick received a B.A. from Hofstra University, and an M.P.A from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. At MAPP Associates, he is responsible for Latin American affairs, development initiatives, political risk analysis and mitigation, and corporate citizenship programs.

During his service with USAID, Dick was posted overseas for a total of 19 years, with assignments throughout Central and South America, as well as in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. He was consistently selected for high-visibility assignments of great sensitivity. He was a senior officer for Program Development and Policy Review; Deputy Mission Director in Costa Rica and El Salvador; USAID liaison officer to the National Bipartisan Commission for Central America; and Deputy Director, White House Task Force on Lebanon. Over the course of his career, he had direct experience at senior levels in activities ranging from foreign investment and privatization to export development, judicial reform, and political modernization.

Similarly, while at the IDB, he supervised a division with responsibility for nine countries throughout Central America and the Caribbean. Among his accomplishments, he led an 81-person team drawn from 16 institutions including the UN, the International Monetary Fund, and USAID, to prepare an Emergency Economic Recovery Plan for Haiti. He also established the IDB Rapid Reaction System for natural disasters throughout his region, and headed the IDB task force that provided planning and execution support to the government of Panama when former U.S. military installations were turned over to Panama and privatized.