The Way to Success

From strategic planning and market segmentation to final proposal submission, we have successfully identified, pursued, and won new business in a wide variety of industries, including aerospace, architecture and engineering, biological risk management, construction, defense, disarmament, energy, food services, international business services, international aid and development, life sciences, logistics, management consulting, public health, security, stability operations, and supply chain management.

Our success derives from our unique combination of three skills:

Process Knowledge

We are trained, certified, and experienced in both project management and capture/proposal management. Our tools and procedures are rooted in best industry practices, as taught by such organizations as the Project Management Institute and the Association of Proposal Management Professionals. We can work in every facet of the new business capture process, including:

  • Customer and opportunity assessment
  • White paper and draft RFP preparation
  • Competitive assessment and SWOT analysis
  • Customer issue and hot button analysis
  • Discriminator and win theme development (features, benefits, and proofs)
  • Gate reviews and color teams
  • Executive summary preparation
  • RFP analysis and preparation of compliance and assignment matrices
  • Annotated outlines and storyboards
  • WBS and resource dictionary preparation
  • Section, volume, and proposal writing and editing
  • Past performance and BOE preparation

Customer Knowledge

We have worked with and for multiple U.S. Government and international customers, at the policy level as well as the working level. In addition, we have significant working experience with such important organizations as the Congress and various regulatory agencies, all of which have the power to affect your business. We know who to see, when to see them, and what to say in order to help you shape requirements and position your company for future work.



Subject Matter Expertise

Our academic and professional backgrounds cover a wide variety of subjects, from international relations to microbiology. Four of our Associates are retired military officers, and three of us have held senior assignments in government and public policy. All of us have served as both program managers and business development executives in industry. We have worked in companies that provide products (GE, Hughes, Lockheed Martin) as well as services (Raytheon Technical Services, SAIC, Southern Research Institute, Technology Management Company). Our graduate degrees (including two PhDs) cover national security, international relations, operations research/systems analysis, regional studies, public affairs, education, business administration, and biochemistry.